Muslim Manuscripts: Quantitative Methods of Research. Selected articles.

Автор / Автор-составитель: V.V. Polosin

Muslim Manuscripts: Quantitative Methods of Research. Selected articles.

Год издания: 2015

ISBN: 978-5-88431-281-4

The name of Dr. Valery V. Polosin (1939—2014), in the recent past — the head of the Sector of the Middle East in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences is well known to the specialists in Islamic culture and Muslim manuscript tradition. Research topic of the series of his articles belongs to the category of pioneering ones. So it was understood by the Editorial Board of “Manuscripta Orientalia”, which in between 1995 and 2015 published the first studies of the author in the area of the original Muslim medieval aesthetics embodied in the manuscript design. Now these articles are included in the bibliography of the key reference works on Arabic codicology.


Авторы статей: Резван Е.А, Полосин В.В.
E. Rezvan. Valeriĭ Vyacheslavovich Polosin (1939—2014). The Review on the Monograph by Val. V. Polosin “Non-Verbal Information in Arabic Manuscripts. Essays on Medieval Book Culture“
To the method of describing illuminated Arabic manuscripts
Frontispieces on scale canvas in Arabic manuscripts
Muslim bindings with al-Khalidiyani double borders
“All is numbers?” An unknown numerical component in the design of medieval Arabic manuscripts
Unknown numerical aesthetics in the design of Turkish manuscripts
‘Unwan illuminations in Arabic manuscripts (part 1)
European Landscape on a Persian Miniature: A Replica or a Remake? (R. Savery, M. and E. Sadeler, ‘Alī Qulī B. Muḥammad and L.T. Giuzal'ian)