Materials for the history of Chinese traditional prose. Selected articles.

Автор / Автор-составитель: Igor Alimov

Materials for the history of Chinese traditional prose. Selected articles.

Издательство: MAE RAS

Год издания: 2015

ISBN: 978-5-88431-292-0

This book is a collection of articles over the years. The articles focus on the Chinese written monuments of the 1st–13th centuries, including such important and little-studied phenomenon in the Chinese tradition as author collections named biji (筆記). Biji represents a kind of notebooks made by Chinese and varied greatly in scopes and topics. A number of other articles are devoted to the traditional prose named xiaoshuo (小說), collections of which were widespread in China since the 4th century and enjoyed great popularity. Typically, xiaoshuo are amazing records of wonder cases, descriptions of supernatural, magical events — or household sketches, witty dialogues, events that are associated with famous people of the time.

Авторы статей: Алимов И.А.
Song Biji Authorial Collections: Preliminary Observations (1999)
Song Biji Authorial Collections: “Lofty Judgments by the Palace Gates” by Liu Fu (2000)
The Work by Zhou Cheng: “Research on the Eastern Song Capital”: Information on Temples and Joss-Houses (2006)
More on Sun Guang-xian and His Work “Bei meng suo yan” (2006)
“Tai-ping guang ji”: Motives Related to the Dead Souls (2009)
Song Qi and “The Notes of Mr. Song Jing-wen” (2009)
Scientific and Technical Thought of Old China in “Meng xi bi tan” (2010)
The 13th Century Southern China in “Ping zhou ke tan” (2010)
The Origins of Chinese Narrative Prose: Fifteen Collections from “The History of the Han Dynasty” (2011)
“Records of the Delights About the Eastern Capital”: Information About the Outer City (2011)
Concerning “Records of Searching for Spirits” of Gan Bao (2012)
Good Reviews: Three Early Collections of Buddhist Stories (2013)
“A Travel to the Cave of Immortals” — A Lost Novel of the Tang Period (2015)